About Class Coach Tutoring

Let’s face it. In a classroom full of people, struggling students can fade into the background. Textbooks tell you to use a formula, but neglect to say why. Teachers are on a schedule, and brush through entire chapters in an hour of class time. What do you do when lectures and books aren’t enough?

At Class Coach Tutoring, we believe that every student can learn; they just need to learn the right way. We provide face to face tutoring for high school and college level students to help you understand not just how something works, but why.

Our founder, Damien, started CCT after years of tutoring at his community college. His success with the students there led him to believe that any student, no matter how much they were struggling, could improve their grades. They just needed to be taught in a way that worked for them.

CCT is currently offering math tutoring for students at algebra level and above. If you are interested in learning more, contact us or schedule a tutoring session.

The Tutor’s Code:

  • Promote independence in learning
  • Personalize instruction
  • Facilitate student insights into learning and learning processes
  • Provide a student perspective on learning and school success
  • Respect individual differences
  • Student Feedback

    He always knew the material very well and rarely needed to reference the book. I would recommend this tutor to anyone.

    Calculus student