Pricing and Availability

Class Coach Tutoring currently offers math tutoring for students algebra level and up.

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Tutoring Prices

Single Tutoring Session: $30/hour
For when you just need someone to explain that concept or help you study for a test. Single tutoring sessions can be purchased at any time and are only limited by your schedule.

3 Hour Package: $85
Working on a specific project, or having difficulty in a particular class? Purchase three hours, save money, and lock in your place in our schedule.

10 Hour Package: $285
Perfect for the long-term student. Whether you’re just starting a class or nearing the end of it, our ten hour package can help you get the grade you need.

Guaranteed Grade Increase: $750 one-time payment for 8 weeks of tutoring.
View more information on the guaranteed grade increase.

Group Tutoring: $15/hour per person.
For preexisting study groups of two to five. A predetermined “Group Leader” will be responsible for payments and scheduling. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a tutoring session for your study group.

Nitty Gritty Details:
Payment must be made for all packages, including the Guaranteed Grade Increase, before the first session. Payments may be made in the form of cash, check, or through our online payment options at the bottom of the page. You may pay either immediately prior to the session, or be billed weekly. Please view our terms and policies page for other details.


Below are the currently available times for tutoring sessions. Please contact us to schedule a session.

Meeting Locations:
Have tutor will travel! Private and group tutoring sessions typically take place on your campus, or other public location such as the local library. Virtual meetings are also conducted via Skype.
Student Feedback my opinion one of the most qualified to explain difficult calculus concepts and ensure the student understands the intuition behind it.

Cameron Nazminia
Calculus student