Here’s What Our Students Said:

Damien has been really great. He is very helpful and encouraging. I really appreciate his help.

Robin Billings
Algebra student

Damien did a great job guiding me through the learning process of algebra!

Algebra student

Damien is a big help in the LARC here. Of all the people who are employed here, Damien is in my opinion one of the most qualified to explain difficult calculus concepts and ensure the student understands the intuition behind it. He has been a big help!

Cameron Nazminia
Calculus student

Damien is a great tutor. He is able to explain hard math concepts in a way that makes them easier to understand. Damien is also very patient with whatever questions you may have regarding these concepts and problems. I would recommend him to anyone who needs math help.

Erika Depperschmidt
Trigonometry student

Damien has helped me every time I need help. With that said, he always knew the material very well and rarely needed to reference the book. I would recommend this tutor to anyone.

Calculus student

Damien has tutored me for several semesters in the Learning Commons. Not only is he professional, but he goes above and beyond to help a student not only arrive at the correct answer but understand the concepts behind the math. One particular problem comes to mind. I had a difficult circular trough problem and he stayed with me working on it until long after his shift in the Learning Commons was over. Damien is pleasant and knowledgeable. A great tutor all around!

Kim Bessler
Calculus student

Damien is a wonderful tutor. We had math classes together and started a study group. He was always on time and always willing to help anyone who needed something explained. On many occasions he has helped me with concepts I was struggling with as well as any problem that gave me trouble. He is very patient with me and he works with my needs. I am a visual learner and Damien made sure to write things out step by step and has even included graphs or pictures to help explain the problem or concept. If there is ever a time when I am struggling and I just don’t get it, Damien will find a whole other method to explain it to me. He has become one of my favorite tutors. He is very encouraging and he often tells me how good I am doing or how close I came to getting the correct answer. He is very supportive and makes math a lot less frustrating. Damien has made math less frightening and has reignited my love for math. He is an awesome tutor and I very much appreciate his help. He is a natural.

Calculus student

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